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Repurposing pipes

SGN currently owns over 10,000 kilometres of abandoned gas pipes across the south of England and Scotland


SGN's unused pipes are mainly located in public roads and footpaths and range between 2 and 12 inches in diameter.

Ongoing Decommissioning Programme

Each year, through SGN’s gas mains replacement activities, approximately 150 kilometres of newly decommissioned pipes are added to the pool of assets available for alternative use.

How can these pipes be repurposed?

SGN believe these assets could easily be repurposed as conduits by other utility companies who are looking to install their own infrastructure along the same routes or at the same locations.

Alternate uses include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Broadband
  • Traffic signalling
  • Electricity supplies
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Water pipes
  • Drainage
  • Heat networks
  • Biogas or biomethane pipes
  • Hydrogen networks

What are the benefits?

Benefits of insertion compared with traditional methods:

  • Significantly reduced environmental impact
  • Lower embedded carbon cost
  • Minimised disruption to UK road users
  • Reduced project durations and
  • Huge financial savings


Are you planning to work in an area where existing unused gas pipes might exist?

Could you use an existing unused pipe to avoid digging up the entire road? 

Are you working in a challenging location where getting permission to dig is difficult?

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