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Traditional Gas Metering

Within SGN Gas Networks geographical footprints, we supply and manage a portfolio of circa. 100,000 traditional gas meters on behalf of a ‘Big 6’ energy supplier.

The portfolio includes both residential and industrial and commercial sized meters. Our services include:

  • Gas meter installation, exchange, removal and maintenance
  • We pride ourselves on meeting client driven service level agreements
  • Engineer hire for support with warrant processes
  • Policy meter exchanges where we replace third party assets which are no longer fit-for-purpose
  • Asset procurement
  • Logistics management
  • Excellent customer service support, available 24/7

The works included cover planned / customer driven appointments, providing narrow appointment windows where possible to best suit the needs of customers, and emergency jobs, where we attend faulty meters within three hours to ensure we keep our customers safe and warm. Last year, we attended circa. 20,000 jobs across our Scotland and Southern areas on this agreement, with a greater than 97% performance for meeting appointment windows.

To support our service provision, we have a dedicated contract and account management team which ensures all our client’s requirements are met.