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Green Gas Solutions


We are one of the UK’s leading authorities in green gas solutions. We injected the first green gas in the UK gas distribution network at Didcot in Oxfordshire and we were a leading partner in the UK’s first commercial biomethane plant at Rainbarrow Farm in Dorset.

Using our expertise and experience, we can develop bespoke design and build solutions, helping you make the most of the biomethane opportunity.

SGN Commercial Services' investments in biomethane assets and projects has enabled over 100,000 customers to be supplied by green gas from the grid.

Our efforts have made carbon equivalent savings of 220,000 tonnes per annum.

Learn more about our services Green Gas Solutions


Green Gas Enquiries
0800 044 5055


Are you building a biogas plant and need support meeting your gas-to-grid deadline?

Our highly experienced Green Gas Solutions team has successfully managed project delivery of over 20 biomethane-to-grid ventures, from concept through to successful ‘first gas’ commissioning. 

We pioneered the first biogas to grid site as well as the first commercial plant in the UK. Over the years we have built strong relationships with all the gas networks and major equipment manufacturers.

We can help you manage all elements from biogas upgrader through to pipeline, including pressure control, propane injection, gas entry units and pipeline.

Our team is multi-disciplined and experienced in management of the whole project cycle from design, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning through to stable operation and beyond.


Craig Clark
Business Development Manager
0800 044 5055

Injection Hub

SGN built the UK’s first ‘Injection Hub’ at Portsdown Hill in Hampshire to provide a route for remote biogas sites to deliver gas to grid.

We have since developed a modular version which can be installed anywhere in the UK.

Since commissioning the first-generation injection facility, we have learned from our experiences and have developed the technology further and can now offer a modular injection solution that can be engineered to suit specific requirements. Benefits are:

  • Optimised expensive equipment
  • Blending options to avoid propane injection
  • Accessible to multiple customers
  • Fast connection with download speeds in excess of 1200m³/hour
  • Reduced costs with simplified design
  • Increased resilience


Duncan Cook
Business Development Manager
0800 044 5055

Optimisation Services

Looking to increase your efficiency or the volumes of gas you inject? Find out how we can help optimise and expand the capacity of your plant.

Our team has experience in optimising the efficiency of biomethane to grid plants. We can help you with:

  • Post commissioning optimisation
  • Grid capacity expansion
  • Reducing propane usage
  • Efficiency assessments


Alan Midwinter
Head of Renewable Development
0800 044 5055

Maintenance and Support

Our highly skilled engineers and network of contractors currently provide routine maintenance for biogas plants throughout the UK.

As a stable established UK-based company, we are a natural fit for our partners that are looking for long term support throughout the plant life cycle. We specialise in:

  • Biomethane and grid entry units
  • Gas quality systems
  • Biogas upgraders, including membrane, water-scrubbers and amine
  • Metering
  • Regulators and pressure management equipment
  • Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) compliance
  • Atex compliance (DSEAR)


Duncan Cook
Business Development Manager
0800 044 5055

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