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Meet the team

Simon Reilly profile picture

Simon Reilly

Commercial Director

Email Simon

Simon is a Chartered Accountant and has worked in corporate...

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Marcus Hunt profile picture

Marcus Hunt

Director, Commercial Services and Investments

Email Marcus

Marcus leads our Commercial Services and Investments...

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Alan Midwinter profile picture

Alan Midwinter

Head of Renewable Development

Email Alan
0800 044 5055

Alan Midwinter is a degree-qualified engineer who has...

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Robert Instrall profile picture

Robert Instrall

Head of Commercial

Email Robert

Rob Instrall is currently responsible for the commercial...

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Bob Smyth profile picture

Bob Smyth

Business Development Manager (Energy)

Email Bob

Bob has built up an intimate commercial knowledge and...

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Carolina Karlstrom profile picture

Carolina Karlstrom

Senior Lead Environment & Climate Change

Email Carolina

Carolina Karlstrom is SGN’s Senior Lead on Environment...

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Colin Small profile picture

Colin Small

Biomethane Project Manager

Email Colin

Colin is a senior project manager focussed on delivering...

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Craig Clark profile picture

Craig Clark

Business Development Manager

Email Craig
0800 044 5055

Craig is responsible for the commercial management...

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Duncan Cook profile picture

Duncan Cook

Business Development Manager

Email Duncan
0800 044 5055

Duncan is a senior manager in the team responsible...

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Robert Croxford profile picture

Robert Croxford

Senior Commercial Manager - Metering

Email Robert
0800 980 0411

Rob is currently responsible for the commercial delivery...

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Saravanan Singaram profile picture

Saravanan Singaram

Compliance and Quality Manager

Email Saravanan

Saravanan is a Compliance and Quality Manager with...

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Susie Goss profile picture

Susie Goss

Metering Support Manager

Email Susie
0800 980 0411

Susie manages the Meter Asset Management (MAM) Team...

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